What to Do When You Blow It on Stage

The mood was set perfectly as I stood up to preach Sunday. We’d just been led in worship and our hearts were ready. Bob (our worship pastor) had prayed a beautiful prayer and the bumper video set a solemn, reflective mood as we were about to dig into the book of Ephesians. And then I forgot to take my microphone off mute, leading to those¬†few awkward seconds when no one can hear you.

Realizing that I just broke the mood with my mess up, I had three options:

1. Blame it on the tech guys. Never a good option.

2. Try to pretend it never happened. Only it did happen, and everyone knows it. Pretending like it didn’t makes things weird.

3. Own it. Get them to laugh, even at your expense, reset, and get right back up on that horse.

Here’s my mess up, in all it’s glory:


Today you’re going to encounter problems. Some will be big, some will be small, some will be mere nuisances. I know it’s a Monday. I know it’s the middle of June. I know you’d rather be at the beach. Going on Facebook will only make your attitude worse, because the four families that are on vacation this week will be posting at least 100 photos each, reminding you that you’re stuck wherever you are while they’re living it up.

You’re going to be tempted to lose perspective and believe that the world is out to get you. Just remember, all the problems you’ll face this week are “first world problems.” Most of them will be great problems to have, problems that the majority of the world would kill to struggle with. A non-profit that brings clean water to some of the neediest areas of the world created a brilliant marketing video that reminds us of just how blessed we really are.

Watch the video below if you need a reminder of just how blessed you are this week: