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2 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi Josh,
    I’ve been reading through your website… you might want to look at the “About” page and fix a little typo/error that caught my eye. I’m an old printer… and I tend to read backwards at times… Please don’t take offense at the suggestion. I think you should add the word “will” after “He hopes it will come across….” OR… just add an “s” to come(s) across
    This is what I copied directly from your site…..
    “He hopes it come across with just the right mixture of humility and self-promotion. Josh would love to figure out a way to casually work in a few big words like ‘quixotic’ and ‘serendipitous’ to impress you, but he’s afraid that might be over the top.”
    Blessings brother!
    Jeff Darnell