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What if the famous ‘love’ passage in 1 Corinthians 13 was more than just an inspirational quote to be read at weddings?



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Philippians 4 Challenge Finish

Take the survey below (same one you took to start the Philippians 4 Challenge) and I’ll email you shortly with your results and growth over the past 21 days.

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Question 1: When you encounter difficult circumstances or setbacks, how much do they affect your inner calm and peace? *
Question 2: How close to Christ do you feel right now? *
Question 3: Would those close to you say that you suffer from jealousy or a victim’s mentality about life in general? *
Question 4: Would you characterize your mind more as a place of tranquil calm or a raging storm of negative emotions? *
Question 5: How often do you sense Christ’s presence in your life? *
Question 6: How content do you feel in your life? How satisfied are you? *
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