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Take the Challenge!

The Philippians 4 Challenge is as simple as it is audacious. In the first century, the Apostle Paul commanded the early church to live out four habits to attain three incredible promises: the peace of God that will guard you, the presence of God that will surround you, and the contentment of God that will free you. The Philippians 4 Challenge is simply taking God at His Word, living out what Philippians 4 commands us to do, and seeing if God’s promises are really true. Fill out the survey below to get a baseline on where you are now, read the devotionals for 21 days and follow through with the action steps, then see how much progress you’ve made after 21 days. Answer each question below on a scale of 1 (doesn’t apply to you) to 7 (perfectly describes you). Get ready for a life-changing journey!

Question 1: When you encounter difficult circumstances or setbacks, how much do they affect your inner calm and peace? *
Question 2: How close to Christ do you feel right now? *
Question 3: Would those close to you say that you suffer from jealousy or a victim’s mentality about life in general? *
Question 4: Would you characterize your mind more as a place of tranquil calm or a raging storm of negative emotions? *
Question 5: How often do you sense Christ’s presence in your life? *
Question 6: How content do you feel in your life? How satisfied are you? *